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Kenmore sewing machine instruction manuals

Below is a list of the Kenmore manuals we currently carry. Simply click on the three number model prefix to find your model number. The three number prefix is the source or manufacturer number. The model number follows this number. Click here for information on finding your model number.

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Steps to order your manual:

1. Find your model number and click on the download button.

2. Enter your information on the secure order page to complete your order.

3. To download your manual click on the "EXIT" button on the bottom of the payment confirmation page.


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    117 manuals

   120 manuals

   148 manuals

   158 manuals 158.120 - 158.1358

   158 manuals 158.1400 - 158.1690

   158 manuals 158.1701 - 158.950

   385 manuals 385.11101 - 385.12916

   385 manuals 385.15008 - 385.16841

   385 manuals 385.16951 - 385.81808


Model number information

The first step to finding a Kenmore sewing machine manual is to get the whole model number. Most Kenmore machines have three numbers at the beginning of the model. For example: 158. or 385.
We require the whole model number to find the right manual.
If the number is on the motor or foot control it is not the model number of the machine.

Most Kenmore machine model numbers are the same for more than one machine. The first 4 or 5 numbers determine the model and the rest of the numbers determine slight differences (color, graphic changes). For example: 158.12510, 158.12511 and 158.12512 all use 158.1251