Overlock threading tips

Many people encounter problems re threading their machine after the lower looper thread breaks. The needle threads must be removed from the needles before threading the lower looper. If not, the needle threads will get caught on the back side of the lower looper thread and break after two or three stitches.

The rule of thumb is to re thread the machine loopers first then the needles.

Thread looping on the bottom of your fabric

The main cause of this problem is related to the top tension. Simple checks are make sure the thread is between the top tension discs. Check by dropping the pressure foot and lightly pulling the thread to see if there is resistance. Some examples of tension discs are below.


There may be lint caught in the tension discs. Gently check between the discs for lint. This will cause the discs to push apart  and reduce the top tension.

It is a good idea to simply re thread the machine after you have checked the tension unit.

Sewing machine needles. An important part of your machine

Your sewing machine needle is just as important as any other part of your machine. It has to go through the fabric and meet the hook at the right point to create a stitch.

Sewing machine needles have an indent on the back behind the eye. The hook picks up the thread at this point.

If your needle is bent or damaged the hook can miss the thread and skip a stitch.

Sewing machine needles also have a groove in the front that the thread sits in when it goes through the fabric. You must make sure you use the right needle size for the thickness of thread you are using.

Always be sure to check your needle before starting to sew.